Physics in Daily Life

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The history of Physics in Europe is one of brilliance and the sun is still shining, indeed it is getting ever brighter, despite the economic problems. The European Physical Society is a composite of all the national physical societies and it occupies an important role in providing advice to its members and a forum for discussion.

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Its house journal, Europhysics News, is an exciting small publication, packed with interesting articles about conferences, national societies, highlights from European journals and 'features'. In addition there has been, for the past decade, a page entitled 'Physics in Daily Life'. The present volume is a collection of these pages and is a feast of erudition and humour, by way of the excellent accompanying cartoons as well as the subject matter.

It is easy for those of us steeped in our disciplines, of astrophysics, condensed matter, nuclear physics, or whatever, to think that 'everyday physics' is child's play compared with the deep subtleties of our chosen subjects. Surely, if we can understand the mysteries of parallel universes, the behaviour of superconductors or exotic atomic nuclei, the V-shaped pattern of a duck's wake in the lake at the local Wildfowl Park will be a 'piece of cake'. However, it would be wise, before telling ones child/grandchild/lady or gentleman friend or... to read the contribution 'Brave Ducks' herein. Quite fascinating...

In a similar vein, the Astrophysicist who knows all about the recently found bubbles in the interstellar medium just outside the heliopause, and the Local Bubble in which the solar system is immersed, had better read the 'Bubbles and Balloons' piece before setting himself or herself up as an authority on such matters at the next Christmas Children's Party.

Michael Faraday, that physicist of genius, whose discoveries led to the electrical power industry amongst many other things, lectured for one hour on the physics and chemistry of the candle flame. He probably knew the points made in 'Amazing Candle Flames' (contribution number 39) but I didn't. Henceforth, my over-dinner description of the candle flames at the table will be the envy of my guests even the physicists and chemists amongst them (unless they happen to belong to the EPS).

Turning to our activities on the high seas, where many of us use our SKI funds ('Spending the kids' inheritance') to take exotic cruises, we have the oft-sought 'green flash' from the sun as it sinks below the horizon. Wearing our tuxedos and leaning over the rail with our new-found friends, we have languidly explained what we should have seen as the sun gently disappeared (only occasionally does it make an appearance). Beware, however, your explanation may not be quite right 'Fun with the setting sun' (contribution number 17) will put you right. Even one's description of why the sea sometimes looks blue may turn out to have been wrong! Better to take with you an absorption curve for water, from 400-700 nm, to nonchalantly fish out of your pocket at the appropriate moment.

Now to taxi-drivers, most are sources of information, freely imparted, and their views are strongly held. In order to keep one step ahead it would be wise to dip into our compendium and produce such gems as 'Hearing the Curtain' (contribution number 16) which relates to the reason why we all like to sing in the bath.

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Auteur : Herman L.J.F.

Editeur : EDP Sciences

Parution : 2012

ISBN : 9782759809059

Tags : Physics, erudition, humour
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